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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where did it start?

Where did it all start? probably when i had breakfast? This year has been a really class journey, which has taken me though some very interesting and life changing places, don't want to go too far back.... but when i think back to early this year in the depths of winter when this all began its quite unbelievable how far this journey has taken me.

But to begin a couple of trips this summer were decent, Eastern europe on the trains for few weeks with Ryan, headed off to krakow in southern poland on the day of the world cup final, I mean what sort of planning was that? But started well with a call over dublin airport speakers, "can passenger Jones and Passenger Hamil Please...." last on, its good means no waiting around. Any way caught the last 20 min of the final in Krakow main square with 2,000 or so others, spent a few days in krakow which is a flippin class city, with suuuperb kebabs!! second only to Berlin Kebabs.

Heading south we took a train and bus into slovakia, probably the best spot we had the the pleasure of situating our selves in! It was unlike any other place we were in, driving through the Tatry Mountains and down into slovakia, its an amazing landscape, with the huge snow covered peaks of the tatras in the background big open rolling plains, and then right in the middle, big industrial exsocialist towns, with some amazing crazy architecture. High Rize tower blocks coming out of peoples ears. We headed to Slovensky Raj. the picture says it all, this was a recommendation from charlie, was very splendid. Zero health and Saftey.... Nice.
Traveling n down after only one night in slovakia bad bad mistake, but got into budapest, budapest isn't that amazing, and they have some extremely dodgy bath house, lets just say .... eh NO! yeah budapest was bad! paid €40 for two beers by mistake obviously and got some boiled lumps of flour in a restaurant called 'Fatal' (Bad in spanish i think?) which said it all.
From there to bratislava, brilliant city, loads of class ancient skoda's and lada's chugging round the place. some funny moments there, this photo was of a guy doing one of those eh sitting still, painted, performance art, sculpture things and was accosted by the police and asked for papers showing he was allowed to do it. Then back on the trains we headed to vienna, at last I stood on austrian soil... amazin. Vienna was good, some superb architecture and metal underground system with its Flash Gordon sets as stations. Then ticket machines were specially good with at the end of selecting your ticket a button appears on screen "OK I BUY TICKET NOW". From there we caught the train up to Prague, very interesting place apart from the 59 million turists who all stand on the one 'bridge' at once??? why? and there is also the statue of two men peeing on a map of czech republic? again one begs the question ..Why? At this point I headed for the german border and ryan headed straight to Berlin where our trip would end, so after arriving in the evening in a place called Bad Shandau, first stop after Czech republic, I had two very good days, first night slept in a field on a pile of hay and spent te hole night talking to some fishermen on the bank of the river, in broken german and few words of english. Was superb in all the sense of the word, woke next day and swam in the river, clear as day, with otters bombing up and dow it ever so often, i then decided to walk from where i was at the czech border to Dresden, its about 35miles, so i started out after lunch and headed along the river(not before climbing 3hours into the mountains and having to go back!) so walked until 11pm and stoped for a pint in Pirna and headed on eventally beding down in a bit of ant infested waste ground in an industrial estate at about 2am.... not first choice but better than walking, got on the road again about 5am and staggered into dresden about 10am and I MEAN staggered!! and got straight on a train heading for berlin. Where we sipped beers and ate bratwurst and talked about architecture as we drew our journey to a close. Berlin is a place iI plan to visit often, it is an inspiring place and a place filled with energy and ideas. end there.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

What its all about....extracts from '06

Couldn't beat it, on the beach at Lough Dan, Co. Wiclow, all is still, the sun coming down, the fire roaring, the nowhere to be seen, and doing some experimental shots. All that was missing was some food...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In the begining.......there was a Blog.

Over the last few months i have come to the conclusion that it is time I had a blog. To collect thoughts, ideas, and interesting things, they all seem to be passing me by before I've really had a chance to get that deep in to them, life's journey seems too be traveling at a dangerously fast speed.
When I think back 6 months its amazing, so much has happened, so much remembered, so much forgotten. Its a journey without a map, but weve got a compass. Photograph from a photobooth in berlin, amazing like amelie style, four shots, black and white. let the journey begin.