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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Community of music....

I have been thinking over the last while how good an idea (and it is an idea) it would be for me to learn some sort of traditional Irish instrument, this is not because I am a great musician or even because I am a huge fan of Traditional music but more because of the community that can be created by music. We live in a society of self-sufficiency, but we cannot live in that way, we NEED other people, all the way through our lives. Therefore we must build community wherever we can. I was at party recently were a couple of characters started up on fiddle and bodhran, the atmosphere that it created was amazing. No Mp3 player hooked up to good speakers would come close. The creation of music in a group creates more than sound. I think the old Irish traditions of going to someone’s house and playing music together, singing and playing, was not just about entertainment but about something much more important, about community and collective celebration, even collective grief.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Enter stage left<<

A return to the Art College this week has been of mixed quality, weary souls mixed, with exciting project, mixed with being flippin nackerd! But its always hard to getting going in these moments and when you get through its pretty good. I was at the Urban Alchemy conference on tuesday which was pretty interesting, "the transforming power of art and architecture".
Sad times also befall us as Franco makes his return to the Wiemar Republic (za Deutschland), hes heading to the Bauhaus University to do become a MASTER of 'all things', and maybe you may be able to hear how the master is doing by hitting the link>>> of Herr Samuel.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The interesting phemonina of student cards?

It had to happen but its never nice when it does! The hair was inexcusably BIG longest its ever been ever, But I was very attached to it, but last night around 1 o'clock a decision was made that beautiful as it was, the time was upon us, the hair was unsustainable! It was the last night of the summer and new times were upon us. So.....I left it sad, Naomi carried out the painful task, with great skill and . But not before creating an everlasting memory of it in the form of my UU student card on Tuesday, in ALL of its glory. The student card an amazing record of change in our lives, it is an unexpected frozen moment in our histories, similar to any photograph but it some how has more connection to a date, year or time. All it can show is our face and hair style but yet they say so much about where we are in our lives.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Living for today....

Back in 02' i think it was when I was a mere 16 years of age and still at play school, I came across the concept of "Living for today", the man known across the globe as Weeksi, talked at great lenght about it, including a "Mojo christmas interview" at the jonezerelli dwelling. It is hard to avoid thinking in a way where its always "Life will begin when.....when I finish these exams....when I earn abit more....when I get a car...when i get married...THEN, life will really begin, then ill be able to....". Life dosent work like that, life is now, and the sooner we are able to live in today, the sooner we can really live. I really discovered what this looks like this year, where life is now, and tomorrow is unknown. But, then I come to this place in recent days where i discover that yes, thats good, and necesary, BUT this is maybe not as sustainable as i thought, but instead i must let myself think and dream about tomorrow while living in the present. Living for Today....with thought for tomorrow.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sustainable living in an enslaving society

A possible title for my dissertation, I have been think for some years about what it means to be squeezed into the mould? And even more so in these last few weeks and days. And I think that the area where we give least resistance to being squezzed is our lifestyles, the way we live. I hear it said so often "well I have no choice, i have to live this way, ive got bills to....", and maybe this is true, BUT why do we have no choice? One of the things that we do(I think that might be the royal we but Im not sure!)is to buy a house, and this is for example the point where we give up our choice in what sort of lifestyle we can have. Suddenly we owe at best a £100k to someone else, and we have to spend the next 20 years working as hard as we can in a "Good Job" to pay this back, thousands every month, we must get house insurance, we must buy this we must buy that, lone behold we have our lives emerced in materialism and far from what we really desire, or maybe just I desire. We lose almost all our choice, why? Because of one choice, we end up with a lifestyle we didn't ask for. We ALL have to live, we need shelter and we need food, we need warmth. But do we have to scarafice our whole lives so that we can be warm, surely warth is cheaper than that? Is there an alternative? I believe there is......I believe that just because 99% of the people around me think that the mould is a good move doesn't make it one. I believe there is a way to have a life which is dynamic,changeable and temporary. Where I can decide to invest my life, my breath in to what i believe is good and true and not into what im told i must do. I have no desire to make life difficult for myself, but i have a desire to live, what i believe. What do we really need? What is required to live?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Norn Iron

Amazing...3 flippin goals....words fail me...flippin right. Greece did it last time in Euro 04', who can say Norn Iron cant? Spain...Haha....Coundnt beat it with a big stick, not even a very big......Were not brazil were Northern Ireland, Who'd want to be Brazil if you could be Northern Ireland and Do stuff like that??

Monday, September 04, 2006

Just returned from camping in Tullymore forest park, it was the City Church weekend and it was a joyess occasion, the campsite was at a 69 degree slope and it rain true irish slow heavy drizzle off and on, but it didnt mater it was that good. Any church weekend ive been on before its been a crazy marathon on meetings events and stuff but we where spare this and had the chance to talk. Just talk and drink coffee. The 69 degre angle actualy came into its own when the rain started, because the water was contantly persuded by gravity to keep falling and so when my tent leaked all the water sat in a small neat pile in one corner leaving the rest nice and dry. The best bit was the Coffee, none of your instant nonsense this was pure Common Grounds (cafe attached to city church) Coffee, and only at City Church weekend, only there where the coffee flows like water would you get a generator in the middle of the campsite SOULY to run a proper ground coffee machine, not for lights or anything just one plug for a coffee machine, im telling thats dedication!