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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Exhibition at the Jonzerelli's.........

There's an exhibition on at the house here in Saintfield this week.

Opening night Thursday 30th Nov 7:00 - 9:30

Friday night 7 - 9

Saturday 11 - 8pm

There's a quite diverse selection of work, painting, ceramics, print, photography etc.

I have also got some stuff in the exhibition, some photography, see below.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Loch beyond belief

Just returned yesterday from a wee trip down to Loch Dan, Naomi, myself, Andrew and Iva headed down on saturday morning first to be part of a worship event in Christ church in dublin, it was really amazing, about diversity of people and there ways of worshiping God, Loads of different styles, amazing black guys, doing everything from rap to amazing harmonies and so different. There was a group of us doing some creative worship at the same time, painting, drawing writing. It was a really great experience, to worship God in a different way.

And then.... to loch dan for some severely required rest! Loch dan set deep in to the Wiclow mountains is a good spot, especially if your weary! Arrived and walked in the door and you just breathe in the smell of rest itself, light a fire and eat and tell stories, unbeatable. On sunday we headed out on the lake with loads of food, rowed across to a beach on the far side[inchivor], beached the vessel and strode upon the land.....Bummer.... no matches!!! There's no food without fire the saying goes! had to hunt around for walkers with no joy, [there are quite infrequent as its miles from the nearest proper road] 2 hours later matches arrive by the most unlikely of sources three girls with school bags, none from the guys with all the mountaineering gear!
So matches present food commenced, by this stage it was dark and the wind was rising. So we headed out into the dark waters, all was fine until about 2 min into the journey the makeshift oar holders[which i had constructed before departure] gave up the ghost, so we had to resort to the punting method and made slow progress toward the other side. after a while it became clear to us that despite our efforts with the oars the boat was not moving, the wind was very strong. very saddening experience to paddle for all your worth and stay in same place. Eventually we let the wind bring us in and I jumped out in the darkness, and pushed the boat back, a few time jumping back in as we passed over a shelf or deep spot. Water was very cold and dark, Naomi jumped out to and we pushed the bandit back to the place it lives..... a crazy journey but actually despite several moments of complete despair, very enjoyable!!!! A bit of and analogy of life!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Squatting Lives on......[worth reading!]

Ok, well ive been waiting for a few days to russel up this entry. Some very interesting events have occurred in these last days.... it all began when "MY" room was locked quite suddenly... a strange thing to occur as there had been no interest in it from the "security" previous to this. I went down an d spoke with the "security" about the situation and also the situation of my bicycle [No Bicycles in the building but id been keeping mine I the 'dry riser' (a cupboard to me) the bicycle had also been discovered] so I spoke with these characters who where swamped in bureaucracy and red tape and "I cant do this and that and it not my decision and so on. So I was well peeved with bureaucracy and management when I returned to my studio slightly confused, as they seem to been very shirty about it all. So about one hour later and my tutor [who will remain unnamed] came to me and told me that basically he had heard about my blog?????? What....??? eh???? The story goes that somehow this blog was picked up by someone in university and passed through the management right the way to the top!! To the very Principle of the University of Ulster [I do have confirmation of this] though it is a pity he did not choose to leave a comment! My Blog.... smashed through all the bureaucracy to the top. Probably my greatest achievement in my University career. But I must add, that though my room has been taken, I am still a resident of the university of Ulster, there are many rooms on offer at this time while the building is under construction, and my bicycle still resides with me........the phantom squatter lives on.