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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I owned 'Sunflowers' by Van Gogh for 12 seconds!

We spent about 4 hours wandering round the Van Gogh museum, which was totally amazing, they most of my favorite stuff, It was class to see one of the worlds most famous paintings in the flesh, to stand in front of it for just a few moments I owned it! The most famous painting in the world! I stood in front and was the only person[apart from pete who was standing beside me] in the world at that moment to be able to see it, so surely that means that it was mine for those few seconds? It was a great feeling, though slightly bizarre! He was truly an amazing man, the diversity and feeling in his work is just unreal, some are so bleak and dark and others filled with light, he only 'became' an artist 10 years before his death, and only paited for 8 years, in which time he painted over 900 paintings!

Yeshh Van Durijik isht Amsterdam!

Its been one of the most intense months of my existence, from a few days after christmas to now, Final review caused a lunar eclipse of all other parts of life until last week, then three days of severe sleep and rest then, to amsterdam[architecture study trip] for the most intense few day ever, walking til select muscles decided to leave by the nearest exit. But the trip was a serious eye opener, the shear scale and mass of the buildings, buildings that as you walk in you just go *****! The place is just so diverse and accommodating that it makes you feel just so normal. The buildings really do reflect peoples personalities and the identity of the country, unlike here where personality and identity is squeezed out of every building thats built by concerns over resale value etc, people here are more interested in fitting in, than singing their own song, and reflecting their own personality.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rest after the storm....

The last three days have been, what some might call the life of Reilly, sleeping deep into the afternoon has been a experience known quite offen.... Tuesday was what could be known as the crucs of the year [architecture year that is] so far. Final review is always a major event but this one was major [final year], with a complete reworking of my plans over christmas i only had about a week in total off... but i go to the end and the work was exhibited and a presentation/hardcore discusion/crit was had on tuesday. All was in order and went the end of the InfoBAHN has come sadly and times move on. It was a project about information, basically a public building INFO LAB [kind of modern library] spread over 6 stories.....
[Click to enlarge]
The design statement of the project is this.........

"The InfoBAHN, a high-speed hub of information, a gateway to the cathedral quarter and a space for the public to exhibit. The infoBAHN takes much of its form from the surrounding structures and landscapes, both above and below ground the site is comprised of mutations of solids and voids. The concept of the InfoBAHN comes from the most simple form of information, the form that all digital information is comprised of, binary, the simple 1 and 0, solid and void, the barcode. Creating spaces with in the building, a core, like a barcode running across the north side of the building, and arms of information reaching out, and puncturing through the solid concrete façade creating glass void like spaces, creating venues for projecting digital art and work done in the library. Breaking through from what is private and letting it become public. The concrete façade is punctured by small windows, of which form was derived from the computer keyboard."
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Concept Model [Click to enlarge]

Final Model [Click to enlarge]

View through Window [Click to enlarge]

Friday, January 05, 2007

a New Year....cause for celebration

A memorable and worthy new year celebration is hard to muster, the glorious new year of the igloo, snowboarding in the darkness, beers and snow out in Saintfield is one such example. So an attempt was made, Sam and I were intent on finding a decent venue for some good times...

….So we headed down to the docks to the old Harland and wolf HQ building, I was pretty sure there was some chimneys on the building, and as the saying goes…… ‘theres no chimneys without fireplace’, the plan was to find a spot with a fire we could sit around talk and play cards and have a decent time of it. So we wandered round the place most of which hasn’t been used since the 70’s, no joy with the fire places be we had a general consensus that the place would scare the crap out of us at night anyway. The place is an amazing time warp, a labyrinth of passages stairs and safe, Safes which give a tremendous sense of being very unsafe, all will be gone very soon as work has already started at one side, so I recommend that you get yourself down before the history is wiped clean….

….so with no fire place to enjoy and the feel of death all about us we left the building to walk back to my place, empty of ideas and wrecked from the most ridiculously strong wind, we came across a bright orange light coming from a large warehouse shutter which was flapping, so naturally we went to investigate, the metal shutter was flapping violently about all over the place, the jump thru had to be well timed or severe injury would surely befall us….

……inside where huge mountains of grain, piled to the celling, afew big diggers parked, the grain piles would have been amazing for boarding down. After a failded attemp to have a wee spin in one of the diggers, which we could only result in getting it to jurk back and fourth making bad noises, so we headed back….

….eventually we gave up on coming up with anything, so we headed to a party in east Belfast…with 30min on the clock we decided to drive back to mine get my bike and head to the hills, out of Belfast to Naomi’s house up above Belfast…blue flashing lights then ensued, 50mph up the Crumlin road at 12:55 it seems wasn’t acceptable…after a quick explanation we were on the road again…. Rising up above the city looking down on the lights was a wonderful way to end the final minutes of 2006 a truly amazing year of my life, fireworks blasting off all over the place in my mirrors marked the turn…so some fine beer was had 4 mins in… probably would have made it if we hadn’t been pulled over, but a great start to the year was made with card playing till 5……
hope you all have a good year full of reflection, learning and discovery.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year....cause for celebration

Some Hearty congratulations goes out my large brother Mr Mojo (ben) and Mrs Mojo(to be) Alyson, on engagement! New years eve, a messages was received ....."Wer r u guys? i jus proposed 2 Alyson in front of everyone and u missed it!" ....... nice one Mr Mojo, All the best to guys, I hope You feel very Welcome and at home in our family Alyson.