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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sickness is rife in our land.....

It has become apparent in these last days that great sickness has befallen me. It struck like a hot iron without warring... leaving me in the arms of death fighting for my small and dear life [Ive Got so much to give!]... was feeling abit poor for a few days simple cold type thing then on monday there i was sitting at my desk at 407 and felt unable to continue, so i rolled of my chair into bed [which is happily situated within rolling distance from my desk] but the sickness which then insued was second to none... 15 minutes later my body temperature was rising fast and though i wasn't asleep i was having kinda nightmares, all possible fears were firing all around me, people were drowning left right and centre, shootings, murder, fires, everything that is possible, it was mental... so progressively getting worse and worse and the hallucinations getting more and more intense, serious fever was upon me....minutes became weeks and i was in a bad way... but alas naomi came bounding to my side... placing cold cloths upon me very few minutes but the fever raged on and stronger... was totally un-alive loosing all control of my body and mind i was a mere passenger.....finally at about midnight or after the decent was started though crazy wide awake dreams were still being had, the issue was that i was convinced that the hole thing was a book and it had photographs in it but they were all in the wrong place and squares of photo had got on other pages and pages were in wrong order and i couldn't get them right...but i was wide awake! Thank you Naomi for caring for me deep into the night.... was a night i will not forget in a hurry the worst of my existence.....oh the delirium!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Northern Ireland.....where are we going?

The new term has begun, the 'InfoBAHN' just a memory. So the new project is none other than a Northern Ireland Cultural centre to be based in amsterdam, its a project that ive been looking forward to all year, delving into questions of identity, why are some of us so proud of our identity and some so ashamed? Is there any positive perspective on the place that we live? Sure there is small tokens of light and hope, but what about the colective future of this place, how can we be proud of our land again? Ok there was no moment when we said, "the war is over!" there was no closure, just maybes, and weve all in this pattern of waiting, waiting for something to happen, well will it? Will it happen again? The world around us says yes unfortunatly, if there is nothing done. The wind has been beaten out of our collective sails, weve been robbed of democacy and freedom and weve taken it, and continue to take it from our own politions, WERE BEING HAD! We must seize this moment and stop settling for a crap deal. Were being robbed in public, in broad daylight!
Found this on the internet, i think it was done by jurgen one of my former tutors, a man who is very familar with walls in cities.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Reunited with with a pipe.....

During my tweed suit day [these were days when i wandered about in a full tweed suit] I carved myself couple of pipes which i used to smoke upon once every month or so, sitting in my shed in front of the stove smoking away, u could say i was maybe a little eccentric for a 16 year old, but they were glorious days........but some time ago the pipe went mysteriously missing...? but the discovery was made, mojo had not been enjoying it very often and it lay rejected and alone...... but no longer, ah the memories, the glorious summer evenings mowing the grass out in saintfield puffin away...........ah!