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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hole in the wall....

I was amazed to find a door in the peace line, its crazy as you walk up the falls road and try and cross through any of the side streets to get over to the Shankill area each time you are meet with huge locked gates, some of which are only open during the day time on weekdays, some streets are no-longer streets but dead ends as road which once bought you from the falls to the Shankill been built over or the wall cuts across with no gate. It is actually not as simple as it may sound to get from one side of the wall to the other, it took us nearly an 30min of walking to find away across, eventually getting through the huge automated gates up past Clonard, which automatically close at 10 or 11 each night. It seems to be a forgotten reality in belfast... when i discovered they still closed the gates I find that uncomfortable as to me the troubles are very much over, to some it is the harsh reality. i recently discovered that peace line walls are still being built, another 300 as Jerry and Ian start talking, sectarian [a word which makes our ear go deaf very time we hear it] divides are not diminishing...there is though a door in the wall, it may be welded closed [literally welded closed].

No Entry...

Welded and shut...where does it lead?

Over the wall...

the space between....

Locked and uninhabited....the space between their gate and our gate....closed for the weekend.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ahh... dissertation complete.

Ahh... the joys, to say "it is finished" is to breathe fresh oxygen. For it is true, the writings of 2007 are complete, the dissertation handed in. heres a small extract....

.....Yes, the house has become a commodity, an investment, like the ‘American dream’, a way of bettering our situations. It drives the prices of our housing up and up, making them so inaccessible without a mortgage. A mortgage that ties us to a place, to a job, to an existence, which we maybe didn’t even choose. A mortgage that drives us deeper into the social mould of buying into a pre-packed lifestyle; it is no longer about home or place, but market value. It creates the atmosphere that makes our choices for us and drives out all personality from our houses. Squeezing us all into a conformity of known values, this works, so it is so. It is a cycle, which keeps it
The house as a commodity drives us into materialism; a place where I have no desire to go, driving everyone somewhere, they all want to go. But I think in some ways that is the harsh reality, that money is what is driving the commodity machine and it money that’s driving the people.....

“Money does talk, it swears” (Bob)

...The evolution of a house from shelter to commodity is the cause. It has driven personality from it, and has made the house rigid and un-dynamic by making those changes ‘bad’ for resale, these are all attributes that the house here once held, but no longer. It’s not about regaining the past but renewing the present; finding a new place in which these needs can be met. If we side step the moulds of conformity and commodity then we would find a place fertile for the growth of diversity and personal identity, somewhere where houses can reflect people and can change as people change. These three issues I have laid out are only my own perspective, the perspective of one who stands at the gate and looks into the garden, not as no who stands in the garden and looks back, so for this reason I cannot answer my issues but I can only know them....

....In the end it not about how, but about why, who knows but God where life will lead me, all of my plans will not hold it, but I can believe in something, the why, believe in the why am I doing this and the story begins, the how is obsolete.
I can only bring the issues and not the answers as I am at the beginning of what seems to me the greatest venture of life, the quest of living, living a rich and full existence, fighting back the moulds and crushing arms of society driven existence. Trying to repel the conditioning winds of the world and hold tight to something worth believing in....

....In this dissertation I have only touched on three of the biggest issues I feel as a young character looking out of my window at the years ahead; at the hopes and the dreams, but now; now this is it. Those were the issues, this is the life, as only life can give the answer, it’s a life’s work...