NO. 078717E

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Nail clippers will fall....

Ok, so were on the balcony and im cutting my toe one does in such circumstances, but no sooner had i finished one set of nails and moving on to the big toe of the second foot....the nail clippers flew from my hand and began a at this point i will add some further facts about this dubious situation.
I live on the fourth floor with three balconies between my self and the ground...further notes would be the the floor of the balcony as with all the balconies in the building have metal grid returning to the clippers...on their triumphant decent they fell through my floor and 307's but after taking severe beatings when passing through the 307 balcony it was thrown to its final resting place...207's window ledge a sad state of affairs for any clipper, tent poles were assembled and glorious a contraption contrived...this was then lowerd down past the windows the hopfully uncoupied 07's and there proceded a 5 minute jabbing session upon the threshold of 207, after much near missing and wrong way senarios the clipper was indeed dislodged from its procarious position and collected.

These events are TRUE and occured upon sunday the 15th of summer 2007. All is well....

Monday, July 09, 2007

On the WEB!

Check out the University of ulster front page stories!!!

will prob only be on for a few days so you may have to search for Micah Jones.... glorious!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

well this is the plan....

Anyone who has spent anytime with me in the last 6 months will be fully aware of THE PLAN! but anyway this is the scheme, starting in belfast city Naomi and me will take a flight to Krakow in poland where we will find ourselves a glorious Fiat 126, and set off on an epic voyage across europe through slovakia, hungry, croatia, slovenia, austria, Switzerland and france. The plan has many flaws and many many ways which it could fizzle, but always the optimist i am very excited at the proposal. will be documenting the trip via the blog while were away.....

......wouldn't it be class if...... have to dream or you die....