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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All I can say is .... Im off to france!!!

Has been abit crazy getting MOT and the likes but were off tomaro with or with out it! Heading to france by boat and bombin round for 3 weeks.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

a response to molly's blog entry...'Developers developing what exactly'

In order to make any sense of the following you may need to read 'Developers developing what exactly'...

Hhhhmm..... interesting statments made there, something that i am all TOO aware of from my work, though none of the stuff comin out this office is to replace old victorian houses i have been involved [i didnt design it, just the planning ap] in the production of plans for such a scheme as you mentioned where a site formerly a large familly ouse with large garden is replaced with a massive 2 storey 'victorian' style house squeezing in 9 apartments, the house being knocked down is hiddeous 70's house but it is about more than just what it is replacing. Its alot of the reason why im interested in going to amsterdam to work. i think there are several issues,

A> there has never been any empahis on Good design and well thought out and socially aware stuff from the planners or government, as people will aways try to make as much as they can an will not care what is left so long as they get a worth while cut. It has to start at the top so that the whole market changes.

B> probably the worst thing is 'reasonable' reason, where ask 200 people if the think its 'nice' theyl prob say "oawh its louvely isnt it" because they think it is, they have no presidents of anything other than. an so there reason has been reformed to agree and think this is nice

C> northern irish people especially prods have NO respect for Hertitage, its rare to find anywhere in northern ireland old buildings that have been renovated, it doesnt happen, because there is a culture of knocking down and rebuilding, its deep into the culture, just look at the average age of the cars on the road, youl find it hard to find one over 6 or 7 year old [thats ever used].

its a major issue.... i think though theres much more to it than you have mentioned in your blog. it is sadly the case i think that the majority loves it....

Its always hard to remeber saying anything quoted in articals....

This was the story online the UU website, after graduation.

Aparently im from ballynahinch.......

Micah Jones, from Ballynahinch, who graduates this week with BA Architecture First Class Honours at the University of Ulster summer graduation ceremonies at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall, used the Peaceline as his inspiration for his final year design project.

Micah who was among the first cohort of UU students to graduate with BA Hons Architecture also picked up awards for Best Design and for highest aggregate mark in Year 3.

For their final year project students had to design a Northern Ireland Cultural Centre in Amsterdam.

“My aim was to design a building which expressed certain aspects of Northern Ireland’s culture, both positive and negative,” says Micah.

The inspiration for his project came from a plaque he saw on the peaceline wall, which said people were unable to talk about it.

“I decided to use this concept to try and remould something negative that people couldn’t take about into something positive. I wanted to make this a wall that people can talk about, an open discussion point. The other aspect of the project was to look at different aspects of culture in Amsterdam like artists’ accommodation using compact barge living.”

Following his graduation, Micah hopes to spend some time in professional practice, both in Northern Ireland and in Amsterdam before returning to York Street to do his MA in Architecture and continue working towards becoming a fully qualified architect.